Lionheart (courdelion) wrote,

If in doubt, do nothing

This blog has been vegetating for quite some while.

But that was deliberate. I wanted to work out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to say.

So now is the time to make a start...

The current plan, such as it is, is that here will be the home of ephemera and miscellaneous musings. Bits and bobs that don't really fit elsewhere

The serious stuff (or at least the stuff that has some sort of theme to it) can be found at:

A cautionary tale and Payback

And I might just create one more blog to act as an "umbrella". To pull all these strands together so there's a single jumping-off point for all my words of "Wisdom". Oh, and I did I mention I have a website as well

Confused? Don't worry too much. All should become clearer in the new year.

Tags: blogs, lionheart, website

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