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Markets, fairs or car boot sales suggestions needed

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My partner and I have a range of items that we think would sell well to people interested in arts / crafts / pagan / homeopathic / green / alternative lifestyle / and similar spheres. The sort of things that would not look out of place at Camden / Greenwich / Spitalfields markets.

Except getting a stall at one of those markets is a) difficult and b) expensive. Especially as, at this stage, we just want to test the market for a few weeks.

Having done a bit of brain-storming we started to wonder whether there were any "up-market" car boot sales, country fairs or alternative markets that might be worth trying.

On a Sunday. All day would be good. Afternoon would be better than morning. We don't really want to have to get up at 3am to be on-site by 6am.
Within an hour or so's drive of central / east London.
Minimal fees. Say £25-30 for a spot that lets us put up a couple of trestle tables. We don't need any power or facilities. Just a chunk of space. And parking (which need not be adjacent to the pitch). Outdoor is fine.
Minimal formalities. No long-term contract or commitment. Just book a slot, turn up, pay our fee, and see how it goes. If we think it works we'd like a slot the following week. But if it doesn't then we won't.

All bright ideas, suggestions and off-the-wall thoughts welcome.

Provding you don't say ebay or sell online. We're already exploring that. And we're pretty certain that having a physical presence rather than a virtual one will work better for this particular element.

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